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Waiver Services and BI Waiver Services:
Supported Community Living:  These are interventions that encourage individual engagement and learning about daily living functions.  This service is developed around an individual's unique abilities.  People are encouraged to participate, at their own comfort level, with personal encouragement to progress towards independence.  Supports may include personal care; household maintenance (cleaning, laundry, etc); encouragement and training in managing personal finances; maintenance and improvement of physical and emotional health and well being; accessing and belonging to local community organizations, activites, and services.  We encourage involvement in our local communities.  These interventions are provided to persons diagnosed with mental retardation or a brain injury. 
Habilitative Services:
Home Based Habilitation:  These are interventions that are individually designed to assist persons with mental illness in the following areas of daily living:  adaptive skill development, daily living activities, community inclusion, transportation, adult educational opportunities, social and leisure skill development and personal care. 
Respite Services: Respite care services are services provided to the individual that give temporary relief to the usual caregivers and provide all the necessary care that the usual caregiver would provide during that time period.  The purpose of respite care is to enable the person to remain in their current living situation.  Respite care is not to be provided to persons during the hours in which the usual caregiver is employed. 
Representative Payee Services:  Staff assist individuals in managing personal finances as well as developing skills to progress to managing their own finances. 
Day Habilitation Services:  The Day Habilitation program is designed to offer a variety of activity options both inside and outside the walls of the program.  The program participants are encouraged to develop the activities that are offered.  This is done by both individual and group discussions.  Within the chosen activities there is a natural opportunity to assist individuals in enhancing their social skills so that they increase their success in developing natural supports and assimilating into the community at large.  This program is funded through the Intellectual Disability Waiver, Habilitation and Private Pay.  This program is open Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Insight also offers an evening program geared towards individuals with mental illness to partner with them in developing a peer support network within their community.  This program is open various evenings throughout the week from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.