Insight Partnership Group - Our Support. Your Life.

Insight Partnership Group (IPG) was founded in May of 2012 by Evan Clouse and Todd Meyer.  The initial push behind the formation of this agency was to move individuals with disabilities in Henry County Iowa into community living arrangements from residential facilities.  On that date, 12 individuals moved from the old Henry County Care Facility into living arrangements throughout Mt Pleasant.  Many of those original people still live in community residences today! 

IPG was designed with a philosophy that our employees “partner” with persons with disabilities to assimilate into local communities, live productive and enjoyable lives, and meet their responsibilities as citizens of this country.  Our original staff consisted of 33 employees and about 25 served individuals.  Services included Supported Community Living and Day Habilitation services. 

In March of 2013, we opened an office in Burlington and offered our philosophy to interested individuals in that community.  A Day Habilitation program began later that year. 

The need for our philosophy and services included an additional expansion in Wapello County in early 2014. Currently, IPG serves approximately 85 individuals in these locations with 120 staff. 

We support a housing first model, in that if people have stable housing and support, they can be successful in integration into local communities.  We believe in teaching individuals personal responsibility and self-advocacy in integrated settings and look forward to continued partnerships with communities and individuals.

Todd Meyer - CEO