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Insight's La Buena Vida Community
Access Center

2205 E. Washington
Mt, Pleasant, IA


Insight Partnership Group is excited to open its doors to the surrounding community. We will be hosting monthly guest speakers on a variety of topics, such as: Job Development, Medicaid Benefits, ACA, Payeeship, Guardianship, Food Stamps, and many more. These classes are open to the surrounding community and we encourage you to come and join us! 
Come to learn about the variety of benefits available, how to apply to get those benefits and request information. This new program is designed to allow individuals to access available resources and to teach individuals the odds and ends of the Public Benefits in community that they can use. 
Stay tuned for dates on monthly classes! 
For further information, please contact Sarah Wilson

Mt Pleasant IPG - 11:00AM      2205 E. Washington St. 319-385-2046

Burlington IPG - 1:00PM          1105 Derek Lincoln Dr. West Burlington, IA.      
New Address April 27th           319-208-1891

                      For transportation call SEIbus at 1-866-753-5107