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Mt. Pleasant's February 2018 
Community Integration Calendar


Hours 8:30A - 3:30P Monday - Fridays 

20 Current events
Group discussion on exercising and living healthy (make healthy smoothies)Lunch discussion eating healthy
Community activity go for a walk (weather pending)
Rec Center

21 Current events
Group discussion on your favorite exercise and why
Lunch discussion working out to maintain your health
Community activity Nature’s corner Burlington
Walk downtown Burlington visiting health stores

22 Current events
How exercising affects your mental health
Lunch discussion proper stretching techniques before you exercise
Community activity Coffee group
Fellowship cup

23 Current events
Group discussion demonstrating proper lifting techniques
Lunch discussion illegal supplements used in body building
Community activity Lunch at Butches

26 Current Events
Group discussion on fire safety What to do in case of a fire
Lunch discussion fire drill
Community activity Library Rec Center

27 Current Events
Group Discussion: Medical Emergencies what to do if an emergency occurs
Lunch discussion on threatening situations
Community activity Fellowship cup /Volunteering

28 Current Events
Group Discussion Anger Management
Lunch discussion coping techniques to deal with anger management
Community outing - Snake Alley